These pictures are showing what I'm trying to build.
You can read about it here.

Here are some of the parts I used and the wheel under construction.

Look at the video Look at the video
Here are the result videos. However it was my intention to build the wheel as the original I'm not really satisfied. The spring are too stiff, that resulted in weights are became a bit too heavy.
It's the 20th of June 2003 and I'm closing my workshop for nearly 2 months because of the holidays. That resulted in a too fast finishing of the wheel. But during my holiday I look for better springs and maybe better weights as well.On the first video I started the wheel clockwise, on the second counter clockwise, as the design says it has to rotate.

Look at the video Look at the video
BUT LOOK AT THIS AMAZING TEST: I start the wheel with help of a weigth on top. When I start CCW the wheel makes more then 2 rotations.
When I start CW the wheel does not make 2 rotations. Conclusion: the spring and weights are doing something.

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