Linear Motion
with Permanent Magnets Initial Report
David A. Rutchik 9/27/2004
In previous postings, I indicated that linear motion was achievable within the confines of a permanent magnetic track. The device I put forth was designated a trimagenatron. The name derived from the magnets placed into an angled shape arrangement representing a triangle an abbreviation for generator and tron from the word cyclotron in the hope of building a circular device. Relying on memory I found that the results with my previous device were not as easy to reproduce as I had hoped.
FIG 1 NEW TRACK inner rails and assisting rails
This is my latest configuration. The track is near two feet long; the level is placed on the bed, which lies between two permanent magnet rails. The level shows how the bed inclines from right to left. (The left side approximately 3/8 inches higher) I believe that the TOMI effect provides the unbalancing influence. I replaced the aluminum spacer arrangement for the configuration show here; as seen in the assisting rails. In effect there are two sets of rails those closest to the traveler and then a set of assisting rails. Yes that is an iron piece of flat behind the magnets of the inner rails don't know that it added anything but it helps keep the magnets in proper shape. Somewhat.
FIG 2 Traveler 2 donuts al spacer between 7.5 inch dia. 2.5 lbs track end view.
Traveler is resting on top of a piece of wood to prevent scratching the file cabinet, it is not part of traveler in this design. Except for the two flat steel pieces, everything else is wood, a magnet or aluminum. The design is a quick throw together of the materials that I had lying around. Oh yes, the most important thing it will move up the incline from right to left. This is a preliminary report because I think concepts here will be useful to others. I plan to make some videos with the full report.

Update 2004-11-30
This is the video I promised of the other concept I had with a linear track,
I found it is a self starter in the track at any point. I had an idea to cause the traveler to rotate in the same spot by placing it in a larger cylinder (like a hamster cage) but so far this does not work.
wmv format 2004-30-11
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