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About these pages
Flying Dutchman Projects is an advocate for sustainability leadership through their free energy concept. With this project, founder Eric Vogels has made an effort to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable energy solutions to build a healthy global economy.

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Latest updates on this site

  • 2013-08-02   A self-running generator in loop under Construction. Soon more information.

  • 2013-06-20   This website is being rebuilt. Take a look here. If you are on this site without any activity during 90 seconds, you will be redirected to the new

  • click2012-10-24   A new device by Tom Ferko. Read more here.

  • 2012-09-03   One of the tools I often use is my MagnetoMeter. Just to find N or S. I downloaded several applications to my android phone, but those applications always give more then I want and therefor are not so practical to work with when I only need a N or S indication. I made my own application that just does the pole detection. It's available for download here and I'm open for suggestions since it's my own

  • 2012-08-21   Finally I started to give the website a 'facelift'.

  • click2012-05-27   Despite many failing replications I decided to make my own rebuild of Calloways V-gate motor. The page will be under construction and updated during the time I collect parts and build. Read more here.

  • 2012-04-05   New pictures of a device that is strongly based on the Perendev, are added to the file section
  • 2012-03-20   I replicated the Magnetic Vortex Motor. The process and result are here.

  • 2011-12-10   Finally I updated the Dual Piston Device. I moved on from version one (sliding bearings) to version two (rotating bearings). Look here for more information..

  • I had the blueprints of the flux-o-matic scanned and posted them as tif and pdf here.

  • I updated the File Section pages. Now images are shown as thumbnails, when browsing the folders. Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you to the real size photo. The thumbnails are created 'on the fly' and loading time is minimal. I also gave the File Section an own navigation block on the front page where I will add the shortcuts to some of the folders.

  • click2008-03-02   The Helix Rotary (Mikell device) is a device with mysteries surrounding it. A new replication was made and the results are posted here..

  • 2008-01-10 A new kind of gate is tested. It is called the Tri-Force Gate. It is a design of Graham Clarke. It seemed possible to get the runner through 4 Tri-gates, the gates being connected on the outer edges with a couple of bar mags between each gate. The bar mags appear to cancel the repel effect at the entrance side of the gates
    Read more here....

  • Another SMOT device is designed and created. A nice piece of workmanship by Peter Schmalenbach from Germany.
    Read more here....

  • click After I received a package of blueprints made by Lloyd B. Zirbes and kept in a storage for 15 years, I assembled the information on this website. The pages are going to be updated with my progress in making a 3D drawing of the complete device.
  • click A combination of the Triangle experiment and the MagGen is posted.
  • A document is added about the Triangle Gate Experiment, a design by R. Calloway.
  • An animation is posted, that shows a Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor click
  • I collected all information that was available about the Mikell device and placed it in a document.
    The Mikell document was updated with an instruction about how to build a 2D Mikell device.

  • click In the photobook I added a new chapter:Minato movies. I added some video clips with the real Minato wheel.

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The information here is for educational purposes only. Any attempt at replication is done at full liability of the one replicating them. These motors can develop high rpm and high voltage depending on how they are designed. Build and operate at you own risk!
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