Project start: 2006-09-01

Since I bought my first milling machine, I planned to convert it to a CNC mill.
For many years it were only plans, but now I finally started to buy the parts I'm going to need.

I sold my old mill and bought a new Sieg X2 Mini mill:

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Clickbank Guide & Tools
Drilling capacity
13 mm
End mill capacity
16 mm
Face mill capacity
30 mm
Headstock travel(Z)
180 mm
Cross axis(X)
100 mm
Longitudinal axis(X)
220 mm
Spindle rotary angle
Output power
350 W
Spindle taper
MT#3 or R8
Spindle speed
low range
0-1100 rpm 10%
High range
0-2500 rpm 10%
12 mm
Packing size(LxWxH)
540*500*760 mm

A HOBBYCNC PRO Chopper Driver Board Kit from, complete with Nema 23 stepper motors.


  • 3 or 4 Axis Unipolar Chopper control.
  • Individual OR simultaneous control of 2/4 Phase Stepper Motors.
  • Accepts 5, 6, or 8 wire stepper motors only.  4 wire types are not usable.
  • 42VDC maximum input voltage, 12VDC minimum input voltage. 24VDC Minimum Recommended Voltage.
  • 3.0 Amps Maximum per Phase, 500ma (.5A) minimum. Each axis adjustable throughout this range.
  • 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 Microstepping.
  • Step and Direction Control.
  • Idle Current Reduction to 50% when idle for 10 seconds.  Can change this time delay.
  • Built In Protection Circuit to help against blown chips on stepper motor short or open connections.
  • 3.7" by 6.8" double sided with top silkscreen and thru plated holes and lead free solder PCB.  (RoHS compliant).
  • Power On Reset.
  • On board voltage regulation for 5-volt logic with 24VDC cooling fan from motor power supply.
  • On board connections for home and limit switches with 10K pullup resistor provided to each. No need for a separate "break out" board.
  • Minimum of components to make assembly fast and easy!
  • Works with Step and Direction software such as DeskNC, TurboCNC, Mach2, etc

A kit with three NEMA23 motor mounts, thrust bearings for each axis, shaft collars, lovejoy spider motor couplings, a BALLSCREW for the Z axis, and metric cap screws. from

2006-10-20 This is the controler box that is ready for use:

This is the mill that is going to be converted. As you see I 'borrowed' our guest room.

2006-12-02 Finally ready.
Of course there are always things that can be done better: for example I will upgrade the X and Y axis.
But for now I', happy. My first real build, was a mount for my Dremel. With it's 22000 RPM I can now mill and drill PCB-boards as well.


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