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Explanation by Jan P. Cack
A Simple Idea
I had only a mild interest in Perpetual Energy at this time. For some reason the idea planted a seed in my brain. Soon after I realized this may be possible. If you take a magnet and move another magnet towards the first, opposites attract, and then before they can touch, the first magnet rotates 180 degrees. Barely "dodging" the second magnet. After a brief energy loss, the 2 magnets are now pushing against each other, same poles repel, and the first magnet is now oriented to "affect" the next magnet in a rotating cycle. Which, obviously, is reversed polarity from second magnet. It seems to be an efficient cycle. Everything was easy to understand and common sense tells us "forces" are at work. My first drawing of this was February 11, 2005. This looked very appealing on paper. That, in itself, appeared to be no extraordinary discovery. It was a simple concept that made a pretty picture. Surely this has been observed before. This would seem to be "common knowledge". So I began many searches about magnets, and different configurations where my idea was documented with possible results obtained. Still I was only tickling myself with the conception of Perpetual Energy. After a brief inability to find this simple principle in action, I decided to go a step farther. Why not? I have some time and the power of "AUTOcad" at my disposal. This suddenly became much more interesting!

The Pattern
The spark was set. I put together a bunch of "what if" geometry. Thank you "AUTOcad". Given the fact that a "rotor" could be built with "opposing magnets", we would need an even number of "arms". I constructed 4 in my computer. The first had 4 arms. The second had 6 the third was 8, and the last one had 10 arms. On the end of each "arm" I color coded a magnetic "area". Then proceeded to construct a ring containing my, 180-degree, rotating "stator" magnets. Starting with an equally spaced array of 4 stator magnets. Proceeding in succession until I ended with 19 stator magnets. After that the ring became too "cluttered", so I stopped. This is easily re-created with almost any drawing program. Simple enough. That did not take long. Nor was it an "event". But..after placing my geometry on top of each other, I began suddenly to realize an "opportunity". I got very excited at this point. The fire soon spread, and fast. Within the geometry I created there were several possibilities within each "rotor" created. They were removed to another drawing for further review. Was this the answer? The results were very promising with regard to the overwhelming numbers of possible candidates. So I inspected them all thoroughly searching for my "best case scenario". I was about to explode. Deciding on the "8 arm rotor" and the "10 stator ring" gave me an "object" to build upon, analyze, and SIMPLIFY. It makes a very pretty picture on paper. WOW, I still could not believe that this information was any great revelation. Just a series of patterns I constructed out of curiosity. There was still a lot of work to do. Lost interest in everything else at that point. Since I couldn't sleep or eat much I had plenty of time to play with my new toy. Wife getting angry now, says I am obsessing way too much. Other things demanded my attention now. But there was no stopping the frenzy in my head. If this dream could be true, nothing else mattered to me. Sorry Wife.

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The KISS Engine Evolved
Armed with this exciting new concept, I set out to make my "stator" magnets rotate at my control. At first this seemed way harder than it appeared. I envisioned the stator to be a Disc Magnet, not sure why? But it stuck for a short time. The exact size or shape of this magnet has far more possibilities than I can briefly list, so long as the "concept" remains the same. Rotation, at first, presented itself many obstacles. Timing was crucial. A "slip" would result in destruction of the magnets themselves. They have to be "flawlessly" rotated then "locked" into position. I assumed this would have the strongest "push/pull" that I can get. It all got very complicated very quickly. What a challenge? Faced with an overwhelming choice of options to be explored. All of them riddled with more friction and instability than I could afford. So I kept rolling this "contraption" virtually in my head. A little KISS here, a little KISS there. I was determined once this gigantic obstacle was overcome, my "Baby" would, and could, "breathe life". A little KISS here, a little KISS there. It was all I could think about. Sleep is way over rated anyway. My Son is also beginning to get angry now because I won't let him on the computer to play games. Sorry Son.

The Revelation
The whole concept became "instantly" solved. After my "revelation" the remaining system was perfect. It appears extremely stable, with the fewest moving parts imaginable. The timing, once built, can NEVER be changed. Only outside forces can alter the rotation of any moving parts. The "KISS Engine" was the most SIMPLE, the most STABLE, and by far the most MODIFIABLE mechanical system I have ever dreamt possible. Once you see the obvious superiorities, it become instantly clear. In it's most basic form all of the principles applied are taught before a child leaves Middle School. Anyone who knows what a magnet does can "understand" what makes it spin, simply with a "snapshot" of this device outlining only the placement and orientation of the magnets. A device, so simple in fact, that the design can be understood in any language with the understanding of magnets. Without adding descriptive text. If standards can be achieved, then I believe school children are capable of it's assembly in "kit" form. A "kit" that can power a small house for 400 years or so. The lack of moving parts would make any "repair" easily performed with average intelligence, and restarted without the worry of anything needing to be "retimed" or "tuned" ever in it's life. That's correct. My design may NEVER have to be changed after initial assembly. It's FLAWLESS GUARANTEED. Of course once the modifications start being applied, this "engine" will not be as simple. But the basic "design" never changes, only scaled and modified. This is the PERFECT motor. This is my opinion and I hope you feel the same. Are you ready for my revelation? Not yet. First let me state again that this "discovery" was nothing unusual. I did not find a miracle. I did no more than anyone, using "common sense" coupled with imagination, would have eventually noticed. Really it was nothing. I do not deserve any special recognition for what has happened. There are no mysteries involved. I did no "special" research to create my KISS Engine. All I did was make a couple of "observations" and re-apply them in a creative way. Extremely focused on trying to SIMPLIFY our world. Okay, now with everything that I have told you may have already "discovered" my secret. It becomes painfully obvious after you realize what I'm talking about. Are you ready now? Can you Guess? I won't tease you anymore. Here it is. Are you sitting down?? PLANETARY GEARS...Tah Dah!!! What were you expecting...Magic? Simple...Huh. If you understand Planetary Gears, at all, you will understand everything I bragged about is possible.

Simple Solutions Produce The Best Results
The simplicity and stability inherent in this principle CANNOT be overstated. All you need is a 4:1 ratio (1 turn of "Sun" to produce 4 turns of the "Planets"). Equally space 10 Planet Gears with Permanent Magnets creating a "Hemispherical Dipole" area across the diameter (STATOR) aligned with 8 magnets equally spaced around the edge of the Sun Gear (ROTOR). This easily creates rotation of the Stator or Planet every time the magnets pass. Locked into place FOR LIFE by the gear teeth on a "free spinning" assembly. What could be Better? Mechanical friction can be held to a minimum and remains a constant throughout every "phase" of rotational velocity. This can be easily calculated by anyone with a strong math background and a little time. A very good calculator comes in handy about now. To keep "outside influences" from affecting our perfect system, precautions must be made. I propose the gears be cut or molded from a "non-conducting", maybe plastic, material. This could achieve a very "cost effective" and, most importantly, SIMPLE solution. The "manufacturing process" could introduce "standard" bushings, possibly Bronze, Ceramic, or some "plastic material" that I am unaware of, to provide lubrication. If "standard dimensions" can be established, manufacturing can be widespread and very inexpensive. How SIMPLE is that??? I thought so too! The base or cage of the "model" is also "mass produced" with "non-conducting" material. I was thinking, maybe, T-6061 Alum or some form of "plastic". The "shaft's" can be of uniform size and mounted many ways. Quite possibly the entire "machine" can be "loose" enough so all the parts can be rapidly "formed" or "molded". After "standards" are discussed this would tremendously SIMPLIFY the manufacturing process. Thereby making them as INEXPENSIVE AS POSSIBLE. After a "kit" is introduced, it would take no more ability to assemble than your last Bicycle or "some assembly required" shelf unit. Gear "A" goes into or on to point "A", Gear "B" goes into or on to point "B" and so on. This can be over in 11 steps with this design. Whew, that was tough. How much longer is this going to take you ask? Not long. Now take second "base piece", bet you wondered why you had 2, and "attach" to first "base piece". Is that all I have to do, you ask? Maybe, if the "manufacturing process" creates a "locking mechanism". If not, you may need to spend a couple of minutes "bolting" together. Am I done yet, you ask? I don't have time for this! YES !!! Your first KISS Engine is COMPLETE. Sorry you had to spend so much time on it. Theoretically, with an introduction of "standards" and outstandingly SIMPLE "manufacturing processes", Start to Finish, with the most basic design, can be accomplished in ONLY 12 STEPS. After everything is in place, PULL THE PIN. Voila!! You have a WORKING MODEL KISS Engine. You bought it "off the shelf" and assembled it yourself. Some of you may need help? So ask your Kids. This is such an easy principle I'm sure most everyone can understand it. Again I don't make myself significant in this. Everything I' ve outlined is "common knowledge" to a vast majority of people. All I did was assemble this information, in a creative and SIMPLE way, then drew a bunch of pretty pictures. I cannot prove the KISS Engine will work for sure... but I cannot disprove it either. Half the fun and all the excitement are yours to explore.

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If It Is That Simple, Why Didn't You Build It? You Could Be Rich!!!!
I LOVE the "possibilities" of this "Brand New" motor. I decided to name it the "KISS" Engine to constantly remind anyone who touches this, or is touched by this. 1.KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID
2.The World doesn't have to be as complicated as "They" like to make us think.
3.One Person can make a difference if that person is creative and persistent.
4.All of us working together to obtain the same Goal can, and will, change the world.
5.Not everyone on this planet is "out for a buck".
6.Our Family's are our biggest assets. Not just "now" but also in the "Legacy" we all share of what the future will hold.
7.Even if I am, just another "crackpot" with a BIG mouth and too little knowledge of what I am talking about. We had a good laugh, drew some pretty pictures, and sparked a huge interest in the "idea" of Perpetual Energy. Nobody got hurt. YET? This dream can be realized; all we have to do is try.
8.Sometimes you have to "KICK" people, especially the People who continue to get over-whelmingly rich by polluting and over-charging common people to a point there is nothing left for us and our children to enjoy! People who take far too much and give far too little in return need a new Perspective. All I am trying to do is buy everyone who reads this a "Brand New Pair of Boots" and get them to practice their aim. I am aiming between the legs! Some People may not think it's fair, but I didn't start this fight and I don't want it to last any longer than it has to. I call it Self Defense. Only time remains to see what, if anything, the History Books will say. But how much time do we have left? I think we should hurry.
9.Dreams do come true if we all just believe strong enough and share.

Further Speculations?
All the Variables and Application's for this type of motor are immense and start to hurt my brain when I try to comprehend them all. I will attempt to outline, briefly as possible and simply as possible, things that I have considered. Nothing has been fully tested and requires lots of well-documented Research that we can share with anybody interested.

Modifications To Primary Design
1. EXTREME SAFETY MEASURE MUST BE STRICTLY OBEYED. Don't perform any experiments without exploring ALL possible avenues of INFORMATION on the subject. I am just a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT. I have NO EXPERTISE IN ANYTHING related to any of the subjects I talk about. I am only making OBSERVATIONS.

Speculation, based on Cone and Pyramid Magnets lead me to believe that possibly one could create a "Magnetic Manipulator" from common metals in many various Shapes and Forms either to Focus or Re-direct the magnetic influence
The addition of an Outer Ring Gear could further stabilize this system if needed. Could also be "impregnated" with Magnets and "timed" to the Planet Gears.
A Harmonic Balancer or Governor may need to be utilized for stability and/or speed.
Don't screw up a good thing

Modifications Specifically Designed For Applications
1. EXTREME SAFETY MEASURE MUST BE STRICTLY OBEYED. Don't perform any experiments without exploring ALL possible avenues of INFORMATION on the subject. I am just a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT. I have NO EXPERTISE IN ANYTHING related to any of the subjects I talk about. I am only making OBSERVATIONS. If given the fact that an "electric charge" can be produced, simply, by passing a magnetic field over a coil. Then pick a Coil, pick a Magnet, Document Your Results, and share this information with anyone that is interested. If given the fact that a Magnetic Field can be produced, simply, by sending an "electrical charge" through the coil wires. Maybe, if we took the same coil and connected the coil leads together, completing the loop. Introduced it to a spinning/rotating Permanent Magnet. We could, conceivably, Create and Expend the "energy" created simultaneously. Sounds simple enough. I don' t know anything about this, and I do not have time to do proper Research to form an educated decision on if this is available or possible. It just kind of sounded cool. If this is possible, then very strong and very controlled (I Pray) Magnetic Field might be achieved. If anybody knows, or finds, anything about this share this information with anybody interested DANGER, Will Robinson, DANGER? The Torus? If I assume #1 and/or #2 can work. Then a Toroidal Coil may produce "strange" results, which appear to be very dangerous. Very Dangerous. I know very little information on this coil. A simple furnace could consist of a "Friction Wheel" attached to KISS Engine. If you now understand the motor and know that friction creates heat. A Fan Shaped Sun Gear can, very simply, move the air. Your Home Furnace would not be so complicated and expensive. If it quits working ask your kid to take a look at it for you. I am sure they could "figure it out" rather quickly. With the fact that heat can change a magnet some "shielding" would be needed, but not much else. This same principle may also apply to a Stove or OVEN.
VERY IMPORTANT! Do your own thorough research.

My Personal Conclusions
Some things I am willing to work for. Our society is constantly "improving things" by adding more "Bells and Whistles" than I like to complicate my life with. Some "luxuries" I can live without, other "luxuries" are very nice. That's why we have options, even if current manufacturers aren't willing to comply. If enough people think like you do, then maybe changes can be made. Nobody, but you, knows it how can be better until you talk about it. If not you then maybe someone you can "touch" with information you possess. What will the World become when most of the day happens through an automatic series of events. All of the "luxuries" anyone can imagine. To make our Life's easier, we thought. This seems like a very nice place indeed. Man was able to make this happen very smoothly. Behind the realm of what "simple people" needed to know. With the passage of even more Time, we may even feel that with such a perfectly automated, so seamlessly smooth running World, we do not need as many "smart" people. What if this World becomes filled, entirely, with lazy and "simple" people? Will anyone be willing to accept personable responsibility or a global obligation for anything? This may work, for a while. This may seem to run very smoothly, behind the scenes. But what happens when something "fails" in this "perfect" system we have created for ourselves. Who will be left to "fix" it? Who will show us what to do if this happens? How will Mankind survive? As I said before, this is entirely the personal "thoughts" and "beliefs" of just one man. Trying to make things better than I found them. My opinion is important only to me. I do not intend to "offended" or "hurt" anyone. I am just one Man who "found" something, and wanted to share it. I'm sorry World. Maybe, just maybe, the next time I feel like I was at a big "Party", and those same people start laughing at me. I realize all my friends are there, with a "shiny new pair of Boots". Won't they be surprised when I turn around and yell "Let's Kick Some Ass"? I'll try to take out the "big guy" first. After that it only gets easier. I may be very, very small but I possess "infinite power". This I will always BELIEVE!!!!!!!!

Replication reports
Here is a link to the replication log of John Self

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