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Flying Dutchman Projects is an advocate for sustainability leadership through their free energy concept. With this project, founder Eric Vogels has made an effort to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable energy solutions to build a healthy global economy.

About the Founder:

Eric Vogels is a dynamic tech geek that continually experiments with magnetic fields to make them more usable in a conventional household. He has replicated many important scientific inventions and upgraded them to more advance and energy efficient versions. In order to serve the community, Eric keeps on documenting his work in the forms of text, flowcharts and video, and provides helpful resources on building complex machines in your home. His tutorials are always simple and easy to follow. With an eye to detail, Eric provides every single design, specification or dimension required for the device and delivers step by step, easy to follow guidelines. Eric, through Flying Dutchman Projects, has also collaborated work of numerous known scientists to form an amazing scientific resource for the readers. Eric has been popular amongst students and hobbyists who are seeking detailed information about magnetic free energy and its implementations.

Flying Dutchman Projects - Concept of Free energy

Flying Dutchman Project believes that magnets have the potential of keeping the rotor of a magnetic motor spinning and producing a constant steady flow of energy .The concept works on the principle of forces of repulsion and attraction between two magnets. These magnets can be used to keep the rotor moving and generate free energy. Free energy magnetic motors can be a useful alternate to the traditional sources of energy. They occupy a small space, are extremely cheap, and can be made at home by following simple instructions. The components required to construct free energy magnetic motors can be easily found in local hardware stores.

Magnetic motors don't consume any fuel, so they don't produce any waste or by-products. They have very little heat emission as well. They can work in adverse conditions as magnetism remains unaffected from heat and pressure. They can also be insulated effectively to reduce the risk of shock. Free energy motors can produce electricity throughout the year round the clock and can produce 24 KW of energy on average per day. In addition, they can reduce an electricity bill by between 30 to 50%, and can be produced about five times more than consumed energy.

Save energy and contribute to a cleaner, greener future by using free energy magnetic motors. You have all the power to establish a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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