Replication of the
Magnetic Vortex Motor
The original publication of this device is at:

All information to make this replication possible is generiously provided by
Yannick VD
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Schematics on the internet site and training programs on demand to make your own free energy electric power generator for every open source networker.

Or download this The Vortex Motor. (11 mb)

Original 2009-05-04, a snapshot from the video, used to determine sizes.
[Original device]

Drawing (the grid has 8 dots per inch)

Bill of materials
[Neo rods]
48 neo rods,
1/4" dia x 1/2"
[Neo cubes]
8 neo cubes, 1/4"
[Neo disc]
1 neo disc,
2" dia x 1/4"
[Plastic rod]
1 plastic rod, dia > 4"

Used tools
[My lathe]
My lathe
[My mill]
My mill,
converted to cnc

Building progress 2009-05-05
[Photo 1]
[Photo 2]

My result video and my conclusion 2009-05-10 The ring rotates because of the string that is stretched and therefore
twisting back from it's natural twist.

Or download this VortexRing.wmv. (35 mb)

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