Walter Torbay's magnetic device
"The force that is used to turn the rotor arm is the magnetism locked up in permanent magnets. Like you are able to see in the video, there are 8 magnets that face the rotor.

The rotor arm (the one that turns) has 4 permanent magnets with its North poles oriented towards the external elevatable stators, the elevables stators as well have in their inner end permanent magnets with their North poles oriented towards the rotor arm, this way there are the 8 magnets that are under the effect of repulsion of equal poles.

This energy is much greater than what is necessary to elevate one of the stators individually. When elevating one of the arms we create a situation where the magnetic repulsion is smaller in that zone, and this is causes the rotor arm to turn towards this zone where there is less magnetic repulsion. When reaching this position the elevated stator is released and lowered by mechanical means while the next elevatable stator is elevated. This is the way we obtain a continuous circular displacement.

Remember that scientific research has demonstrated that the permanent magnets that are under the repulsion of equal poles conserve their magnetic properties without diminishing for between approximately 5000 and 50000 years (depending on the material with which the permanent magnets are made).

With respect to the not so uniform movement of the stators (some stators rise higher then others), this is due to the fact that the cuts made in magnets aren't perfect. It is very difficult to cut them all equally (whoever has tried to cut a permanent rare earth magnet without all the necessary tools will know what I'm talking about). Even with this slight defect of imperfect cuts in magnets, it does not prevent the operation of the device.

An photo of the real thing

The device in 3D CAD

The rotor I used     

The rotor thay should be used

Update 2006-06-09
This is the video I made after I finished the model that I used for a proof of concept. I needed to build this since I decided to use a rotor magnet that is NOT used in the patented device.

Or download this Torque.wmv (right click: save target as...)

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