Lloyd B. Zirbes

  Lloyd B. Zirbes

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The late geomagnetic researcher Dr. Lloyd Zirbes discovered that Galileo's suppositions are complete error. He proved that Newton's law of gravity is also an error. This puts the foundation of science and technology of our world on error and lies. You can't build a world on error, or it will fall. It is unfortunate that we are the "last generation" Mat.24:34 who will "witness" the END of the WORLD.
Zirbes strongly opposed the technology utilized in the HAARP system. He wrote, 'Disruption of the Earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere. Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last straw in sending Earth into the sun or out into space."
G=MV2: Gravity = Mass times Velocity squared - Dr. Lloyd Zirbes.