The First International New Science Symposium Program

May 3
10:00-10:30 Opening speech
10:30-11:20 Dr.Shiuji Inomata "New Paradigm of Science and N-machine"
11:30-12:20 Dr.Henry Curtis "The Latest Information on the Development of Free Energy Devices"
14:00-14:50 Dr.Garry Gorden "Development of Alternative Medicine"
15:00-15:50 Dr.Lee,Ui Won "Bio-magnetic field and Constitutional
16:00-16:50 Dr.Leo Sprinkle "UFOLOGY"
17:00-17:50 Dr.Tadahiko Mizuno "Cold Fusion"
18:00-18:50 Mr.Kang,Young Gi "Messages from the Transcendental Vortex"

May 4
10:00-10:50 Dr.Bang,Keun Woong "Evolution of Science"
11:00-12:00 Ms.Barbara Marciniak "Messages from Pleidian"
14:00-14:50 Mr.Kohei Minato "Science of 21st Century and Magnetism"
15:00-15:50 Dr.Oh,Ilung Kuk "Fundamentals of formation of Matter and Magnetism"
16:00-16:50 Mr.Hikaru Takatsuka "Health and Healing"
17:00-17:50 Mr.David Adair "The Latest Development of Space Technology"
18:00-19:30 Korean Folk Music Performance