Magnet facts

What is near the Geographic North Pole, a Magnetic North or a Magnetic South?

We know two things:
    1.    If we allow a bar magnet to swing freely on a string, the end that points towards the geographic north pole is called the north seeking pole of the magnet, and is labeled "N" since it is the North magnetic pole of the magnet.  Its opposite end is labeled "S" for South magnetic pole.  This is the convention used to determine the "N" or North end of a magnet. 

    2.    We know that like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.

    The magnetic field created by the molten core of the earth must have a magnetic South pole near the geographic north pole in order to attract the "N" end of our bar magnet and compass needles.  This pole near the geographic north pole is sometimes called the geomagnetic north pole.

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Examples on a number of common magnetizations can be found below.
From left to right: radial, radial multiple poles, diametral, lateral multiple poles