Some different magnet layouts, which will be tested on the turntable.

The first picture shows the flexibel tube, filled with concrete, used as counter-weight for the magnets. The second picture shows the 'big' magnets. Then the complete wheel as Calloway desribed it. Just a little bit smaller. But is is not turning more then 300 degrees. Not with one, two or even more stator magnets. I'm will take the whole thing apart and try to mount one magnet at the time. I must try to get a movement which accelerates. I which that Calloway had made a picture of his 'working' model.

The completed wheel.
An ordinary speed clock to show if the wheel if gaining or loosing speed.

This shows how the wheel is build in a wooden frame.

This construction will hold a magnets in the right position.
The first picture show the notes which I made after creating the geometric model.
These notes will be translated and published.
The last pictures on this line show the 'bridge' construction which will hold the magnets in the right position from each other.

Update 2002-11-10 I found out that the ultra light wheel works worse with more magnets. Perhaps this means that the big wheel has too many magnets? The next wheel will only have 32 magnets…. Stay tuned.

Finally I made Wheel B1, first the small 'Ultra light' version. That one showed a clear movement into the right direction.
Then the big wheel (1000 mm diameter), but that one only wants to move with the big magnet in attraction mode and then moving into the wrong direction.
So something must be wrong, but what?
Before I take this wheel apart I'll try to get a much stronger Stator Magnet.

The first picture shows B1 in Ultra Light form. Good swing, starting everywhere with the stator magnet at the size of the wheel with the magnets.
The second picture is the Wheel made of polystyrene. 100% balanced. Very light, except for the magnets and the cunterweights. But no swing.
Maybe the stator magnet needs to be stronger. That is the only difference I can think of between the small wheel and the big wheel. Or maybe that the form of the magnets has any to do with it?
In that case I can make a big wheel with neodymium disc magnets with 1 inch diameter but than I need to sell my car to be able to buy the magnets. So right now that's not an option.
The last picture shows a nice detail. This wheel is a very nice construction, fast to build, cheap and light. I will prepare more 1000mm discs to test some more different magnet layouts.

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