Replicating the simulation


Total Positive Torque:
Total Negative Torque:
Total Net Torque:

by Peer Kostal, Germany.
On the Flying Dutchman Project's internet site I found an explanation how the Perendev Motor could work. Also a simulation of a modified Perendev Motor. I have built a prototyp of this modified motor, but unfortunately it does not work. Either the tolerances are to high or the theory is not right. I have enclosed a picture of my prototype. I used 24 rotor magnets and 3 times 3 stator magnets. The group of 3 stator magnets can be moved to adjust position. Have you ever hade positive experience with this kind of motor?
by Peer Kostal, Germany.
You may puplish the picture of the "motor" I built, but still I'm not sure if it does not work because of missing equilibrium. This may be a critical point. However, this Perendev Motor could work like the Reed Motor built by Nelson Camus (made it public in Naudin's homepage Here it is essential to reach equilibrium. Maybe I have to rebuild this motor, or I have to look for a more robust concept.

by Jason Owens.
I did build a prototype for that motor that didnít work as well but I always thought that it was because I didnít cut the slots for it accurately enough. I did do a torque analysis of this motor before and I should have asked you to post the results to the webpage earlier. It appears that the motor will cog because there are a lot of alternating positive and negative spikes on the graph of the torque analysis. I attached the file a few photos from the build that I did of the motor. Unfortunately in this case, the torque analysis lines up perfectly with our two replications. Could you post this information and the graph to the website so people will know whatís up? I have some other, more promising designs to put up there but I want to make many simulations of them before I post the information.

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