Trying to understand the Perendev motor

I have been doing a bunch of testing of the Perendev motor to see if I can get it to work, and so far I have not had much success.
I am going through a huge learning curve with these magnets and it is very interesting.
I have attached some photos of my work and I hope these came through with this email.
I had a brain storm and thought I'd try and build a linear motor with these 1" N48 magnets. The whole idea of the linear motor is that I thought it would be an easy way to test the Perendev idea.
Well basically the linear idea didn't work at all. I noticed a tremendous down force when all these magnets are repelling each other, which for sure impeded any linear motion.
Then I went ahead and built a second linear "trolley car". This second one had much closer spacing. This one also didn't work.
Next I decided to build a frame to test out some different size wheels and stator designs. If my photo's came through you can see what I did. My idea was to build carriers for the magnets out of PVC. These carriers can be easily removed and reinstalled in other positions. Not much luck in any movement of the rotors. I tried different offsets and overlap of the magnets.
Then on I found the close up pictures of the rotors and from the one with the guys hands in the pic I tried to figure out the size and spacing of the magnets. I agree with the fact that there are 30 magnets in the rotor and 36 in the stator. As near as I can tell the magnets are 3/4" in diameter and with a 9/16" spacing between the magnets. I think the overlap is 5/16". The thickness of the plastic rotor is 1 3/8".
I'm getting lock up no matter how I space the magnets. I've tried many different combinations of offset. I've tried removing magnets on the rotor. I've tried reversing rows of magnets so the south pole is facing a north pole on the stator.
I've watched the video on the Perendev motor running at least 30 times. He claims the motor is running with out shielding. But I kind of wonder, maybe I need shielding. And if so what should I use. I've read about Mumetal, but could some regular sheetmetal work?
I feel as if I have opened twenty doors and behind every one is a brick wall. If just one of these doors at least had a little fog, at least I would know that I am going in the right direction. But as it stands now I am completely lost.
If he is using 3/4" magnets and I'm using 1', could this be a problem? My magnets are 1" x 1". My guess is that his are 3/4" x 3/4".
My magnets are angled at 30 degrees. I have not tried any different angle.
I would think that this thing is either going to work 100% or not at all. If that being the case I don't know if I am getting close or am I still a mile away from it working.
Mark O.
A replication by Mark O.

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